Anton’s Well Theater Company is happy to announce auditions for the Bay Area Premiere of two one-acts by Caryl Churchil, ESCAPED ALONE and HERE WE GO, playing at the Julia Morgan Hall and adjacent garden, located at the Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, 1821 Catalina Avenue, Berkeley, 94707 from July 18-August 3. The plays will be directed by Robert Estes.

The auditions will take place at the Berkeley City Ballet dance studios, 1800 Dwight Way, just one block below MLK Way, on Sunday, April 14, 6-9PM and Monday, April 15, 7-10PM. The callbacks (if necessary) will take place on Wednesday, April 17. The auditions will be by appointment only. Sides will be available in advance.

To make an appointment, please email with your preferred date and time. Or call the director Robert Estes at (510) 368-0090. Please review the play info below and let us know which play(s)/scene(s) you’re interested in auditioning for. For more info on the company, please see:

Please be aware that this production will take place in a church hall and an adjacent garden. There will be limited lighting elements and the production will operate on a relatively limited budget. There will be stipends for the actors, ranging from $100-$250, depending on how many actors end up being cast. Overall, it should be a great experience to perform these haunting plays in a site-specific manner, but there may be operational details to roll with.

ESCAPED ALONE has four women characters, Mrs. Jarrett, Vi, Lena, and Sally. According to the script, “They are all at least seventy.” Mrs. Jarrett, is a bit of the outsider. Vi once murdered her husband in self-defense. Lena might be a bit of shut-in. Sally is not afraid to confront other women. The play is a mix of fragments of the conversation between the four women on a number of summer afternoon teas alternating with monologues by Mrs. Jarrett of a poetically dystopian future. The rehearsal process will allow us to take the fragments and build an interconnected world for these four women.

HERE WE GO has an as yet undetermined amount of characters. The play has the following three scenes.

1. The first scene has as few as 3 actors and as many as 10. There are only lines on the page. We will assign them to actors. The age range for the actors is wide: 20s to 100s. Everyone in this age range is welcome to audition. The play is set at a party after a funeral. It’s a relatively short scene, so it shouldn’t have a burdensome rehearsal schedule. Of course, it will still take time to make the scene work, but this might be a good piece to audition for if you have conflicts or less available time during the rehearsal period.

2. The second scene is a monologue from the point of view of someone who has just died. They think themselves to be past middle-age. Everyone who’s past middle-age is welcome to audition. The rehearsal schedule can be a little more open to suggestions as most of the time there will only be the actor, director, and stage manager/assistant director present. Later in the rehearsal process, we may decide to bring in the ensemble to give a physical texture to the scene.

3. The third scene does not have dialogue. Here is the scene description by Caryl Churchill:

“A very old or ill person and a carer. The old/ill person is in nightclothes and is helped by the carer to get dressed, slowly and with difficulty because of pain and restricted movement.

Then to get undressed and back into nightclothes.

Then to get dressed.

Then to get undressed and back into nightclothes.

Then to get dressed…

for as long as the scene lasts.


So, if you’re a great slow mover, have movement training, or are intrigued to work on a wrenching physical scene, please audition. If, by any chance, two people would like to audition together, that is most welcome. If you happen to be old and find it difficult to move…well, whatever works for the scene.

Here is the rehearsal and performance schedule for all the plays:

Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, June 9. We’ll get as many of the cast for both plays together on that day. Since there are two plays being rehearsed with a variable amount of actors, the rehearsal schedule will be to be determined. We’ll rehearse in the Berkeley area. Generally, the rehearsals will fall in the evenings from Sunday to Thursday (with ESCAPED ALONE and the various scenes from HERE WE GO alternating days in some fashion). But if it is convenient for say the 4 women of ESCAPED ALONE to rehearse on Saturday or other times than weekday evenings, we will schedule rehearsals that work best for everyone. The monologue scene may have its own rehearsal schedule.

The tech schedule is as follows (all evenings):

Wednesday, July 10

Thursday, July 11

Friday, July 12

Saturday, July 13

Wednesday, July 17

All performances begin at 7:30 beginning with ESCAPED ALONE, and, then after an intermission, HERE WE GO.

The performance schedule is as follows:

Thursday, July 18, Preview

Friday, July 19, Opening

Saturday, July 20, Performance 3

Wednesday, July 24 Pick-up Rehearsal

Thursday, July 25 Performance 4

Friday, July 26 Performance 5

Saturday, July 27 Performance 6

Wednesday, July 31 Performance 7

Thursday, August 1 Performance 8

Friday, August 2 Performance 9

Saturday, August 3 Performance 10