dirty butterfly opens on september 21!

Anton’s Well Theater Company is proud to present the Bay Area Premiere of debbie tucker green’s dirty butterfly, a mysterious, poetically taut examination of three people living too close together. The play will run at Berkeley’s Waterfront Theater, 2020 Fourth Street, from September 21 to October 7.

The cast includes Kim Donovan, Mikah Kavita, and Jesse Vaughn. The creative crew is Director Robert Estes, Assistant Director/Producer William D. Razo, Lighting Designer Bert van Aalsburg, and Stage Manager Ayumi Namba.

This play perfectly suits AWTC’s artistic mission of producing complex, contradictory, language driven plays as Lynn Gardner, The Guardian’s critic, says debbie tucker green’s dialogue “is like secret whispers and, like the characters’ lives, it is fragmented and often unfinished.” She finds that “there is a sly, controlled power in this writing.”

Tickets on sale now at the Buy Tickets tab at this website.

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  1. Ron Dritz

    Where can I find information about upcoming audition opportunities? Do you post at TBA, bayareatheatrebums or SF auditions on FB?

    Thank you.


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