These beautiful, haunting plays run March 6-21 in the gorgeous sanctuary at St. Alban’s Church, 1501 Washington Avenue, Albany.

The plays feature local actors Gigi Benson, Sarah Elizabeth, Keith Jefferds, Brian Levi, Jeff Trescott, and Evan Winet.

The plays run Friday-Saturday, March 6-7, ThursdaySaturday, March 12-14, and Thursday-Saturday, March 19-21. All curtain times 7:30PM.

Tickets on sale at the buy tickets link on this website!


Anton’s Well Theater Company and Actors Ensemble of Berkeley are proud to present the Bay Area premiere of Sam Shepard’s last play, A PARTICLE OF DREAD: OEDIPUS VARIATIONS.

The play runs from October 18-November 10 at the Old Finnish Hall, 1819 Tenth Street in Berkeley. Tickets now on sale:

Particle of Dread brilliantly fractures the Oedipus myth into the times of both then and now—with many of the actors playing both the roles of the ancient central characters:  Oedipus, Jocasta, Laius, Antigone, Tiresias, and their modern counterparts:  Otto, Jocelyn, Langos, Annalee, and Uncle Del.

As the play delves deeply into the mysteries of family and fate, Shepard’s signature rambunctious language is gorgeously present in numerous monologues, and, in the searing, conflicted encounters between the mythic characters.

It’s as if Shepard is revisiting and deepening his exhumation of society’s buried secrets that began in the 1970s with the world premiere of his family plays (BURIED CHILD, CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS, TRUE WEST, and FOOL FOR LOVE) at the Magic Theater in San Francisco, where he was the resident playwright.

In bringing Shepard’s last play to the Bay Area, where so many of his great plays began, AWTC and AEB hope once again his always timely and prescient theatrical voice will thrill local audiences.  The New York Times says the play is a “must-see for fans of Shepard.”

The cast includes the accomplished local actors Amanda Artru, Bruce Avery, Zoe Curzi, Clay David, Leticia Duarte, Francisco Rodriguez, and Don Wood. 

The play is directed by Robert Estes, who previously helmed Anton’s Well’s Bay Area premiere production of Sam Shepard’s AGES OF THE MOON, which the San Francisco Chronicle praised for its “great feeling in the stillness.”

A PARTICLE OF DREAD: OEDIPUS VARIATIONS tickets are $20-$25 at  Presented October 18-November 10, Fridays and Saturday, 8PM; Sunday, 2:30PM. One Tuesday performance on November 5, 8PM.  No performance on Sunday, October 20.  Old Finnish Hall, 1819 Tenth Street, Berkeley, 94710


Anton’s Well is proud to present the Bay Area Premiere of KNIVES IN HENS by acclaimed playwright David Harrower (BLACKBIRD). The play is set in a rural time many centuries ago. The world is simple: the Young Woman and the ploughman Pony William are a newly married couple who live in a cottage at the end of the village. The miller Gilbert Horn lives entirely outside the village.

Yet, their three way relationship is complex: the labor of the ploughman is pitted against the industrial machine of the miller, the public self of each obscures their own private natures (all three are whispered about by the villagers)–but most of all, in engaging with the other two men as more than an equal, the Young Woman experiences an awakening to the complexity of language and the power and danger of naming every single thing. 


The New York Times calls KNIVES IN HENS “a wondrous drama of the lust for language” and that the play is “about the liberation that comes in creating language that matches perception.”


We have a great cast of Virginia Blanco, Tony Ortega, and Marco Aponte. The director is Robert Estes. The Brooklyn Preserve venue is spiritual and seemingly out of another time, so the perfect place for this play. 

Tickets on sale at the BUY TICKETS tab at this website.


Anton’s Well is very happy to announce the following cast for our next production, the Bay Area premiere of KNIVES IN HENS by David Harrower:

Young Woman …….. Virginia Blanco

Pony William ………… Tony Ortega

Gilbert Horn …………. Marco Aponte

The play is set in a pre-industrial time when human existence is bounded in by the last field outside the village…until one word sparks a young woman’s discovery of the power of language and her own power.

KNIVES IN HENS runs September 7-29 at the Brooklyn Preserve, 1433 12th Avenue, Oakland. Tickets now on sale! Only $17-$20. Just go to the BUY TICKETS link at this website.


Anton’s Well Theater Company and Actors Ensemble of Berkeley are happy to announce auditions for their co-production of the Bay Area Premiere of Sam Shepard’s last play, A PARTICLE OF DREAD: OEDIPUS VARIATIONS, playing at the Old Finnish Hall in Berkeley from October 18-November 10. Directed by Robert Estes. Produced by Jerome Solberg. Assistant Directed and Associate Produced by Wm. Diedrick Razo. Costumes by Paula Dodd Aiello.

In A PARTICLE OF DREAD’s fractured retelling of the Oedipus myth, Sam Shepard takes on the greatest primal father/son/mother myth of them all—which is a perfect last subject for a playwright so concerned with family dynamics throughout his prolific career.

The following roles are available (the role of Uncle Del/Traveler/Maniac of the Outskirts has already been cast):

Oedipus/Otto (40s-50s): Left to die as a human baby. Unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother. Dual role as Oedipus of old myth (as imagined by Shepard) and Otto, the modern version. Interesting contrast in roles as Oedipus is pained and doomed; Otto is scholarly and obsessed. Otto seems to be older than Oedipus, so the actor will get to journey in age. The Oedipus ages even more at the end.

Lawrence/Langos: (30s-40s) Father of Oedipus. Puts him out to die because of the foretelling of future doom. Dual role. Confused disbeliever of the Oracle/flashy Vegas mobster.

Annalee/Antigone (20s-30s): Daughter/Sister of Otto. Most of the play will be Annalee. Silent role at the end as Antigone. Fierce. Protective. Part of role requires singing.

Jocasta/Jocelyn (40s-50s): Queen to Oedipus/Wife to Otto. Passionate and defiant as Jocasta. A bit skeptical, happy to be at home as Jocelyn.

Officer Patrick Harrington (30s-60s): Cop. Old school gruff manner. All about the gut.

Forensic Investigator Ronald J Randolph (20s-40s): More Analytical than Officer Harrington. Totally Quantitative.

The auditions will take place at the Berkeley City Ballet, 1800 Dwight Way, on Sunday, August 4, 6-9PM, and Monday, August 5, 7-10PM with callbacks on Saturday, August 10, at 11AM.

The auditions will by appointment. To secure a spot, please email with your preferred date and time. There IS a stipend. Non-AEA.

All races, ethnicities, and genders are welcome. We do not discriminate against anyone on account of race, gender, or sexual orientation. We do cast cross-gender and cross-type on occasion.

Sides are provided before the auditions. Please send electronic headshot/resume with your audition inquiry, or bring paper headshot/resumes to the audition.

Rehearsals will begin on September 15 or near that date. Rehearsals will take place at the Finnish Hall or another location in Berkeley. The rehearsal schedule will run Mon-Thurs, 7-10PM, and Sundays, various times.

The tech will take place from Sunday, October 13-Thursday, October 17.

The performance schedule is Friday, October 18 to Sunday, November 10. Friday-Saturday, 7:30, Sunday, 7PM, The Old Finnish Hall is located

Excellent Review for Churchill Plays

Please see below for the review of the Caryl Churchill double bill of ESCAPED ALONE/HERE WE GO by critic Victor Cordell. We know it’s usual to choose a few pull quotes, but this time let’s skip that! If you have a moment, read the whole review.

Sometimes small theaters have difficulty getting attention from reviewers, so when we receive a detailed account of one of our productions, let’s give the reviewer attention. While praising the plays (oh okay, one pull quote: “The production is wonderfully crafted”), he also expresses some caveats about HERE WE GO.

Please do read the full review—he makes good points about the plays…and some debatable ones.


Tickets now on sale for ESCAPED ALONE and HERE WE GO at the Buy Tickets tab at this website.

See the blog post below this one for our announcement about the plays.

But right here, check out the 17 actors who will be in the production!

Marsha van Broek
Jenn Lucas
Jan Carty Marsh 
Susannah Wood 
Abe Bernstein
Mary Bishop
Simone Bloch
Jody Christian
Alejandro Emmanuel Torres
Marty Lee Jones
Sonja Kydd 
Willow Mae
Jan Carty Marsh
Marcie Rich
Alison Sacha Ross
Denise Tyrrell
Vicki Victoria
Patricia Westerfield