Anton’s Well Theater Company is proud to present the Bay Area Premieres of Caryl Churchill’s two most recent plays, the one acts ESCAPED ALONE and HERE WE GO. The plays will run from July 18-August 3 (Thurdays-Saturdays, with additional performance on Wednesday, July 31, all 7:30) at the Thousand Oaks Baptist Church in Berkeley, 1821 Catalina Avenue, just a block off Solano Avenue.

The church venue is perfect for the plays, as ESCAPED ALONE is set in an outdoor garden (dress in layers)…and the church has a garden! HERE WE GO is set in a hall after a funeral…and Thousand Oaks not only has a beautiful hall, but it just happens to be designed by Julia Morgan.

In the first play, you’ll meet four women of a certain age (well, seventy or approaching that age), who just seem to be passing through summer afternoons by having tea in a garden. Yet, in their small world of complicated friendship, imaginings of future calamities fill the air and sky.

So, come have tea…and chaos with ESCAPED ALONE.

Then, take a ride to the undiscovered country in the second play. Simply put, HERE WE GO takes us through the one thing after birth that we all know will happen, death. This journey of mortality is beautifully essayed in the elliptical, poetic, fragmentary language of Caryl Churchill.

Yes, ESCAPED ALONE and HERE WE GO are kind of perfect plays as we continue sharing with you our exploration of language, loss, and just what it means to be ineffably alive for the time we are granted in this one place in the universe where we have involved.

Tickets on sale at the BUY TICKETS tab at this website.


  1. Miriam Rabinovitz

    I want to purchase a ticket for Thursday August 1, but I can’t seem to get through to purchase my ticket. My code is CHURCHILL. Please help me to purchase this ticket either online or by phone. I’ve tried many times tonight online. Thank you, Miriam Rabinovitz


    1. Miriam Rabinovitz

      I did not sign up to follow a post. I e-mailed a comment about not being able to purchase tickets for your two current plays by Churchill online. If you have a phone number I can call to charge tickets on my VISA, I’d appreciate that, as I could not do it online using your website.

      Thanks very much,

      Miriam Rabinovitz


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