Anton’s Well is proud to present the Bay Area Premiere of KNIVES IN HENS by acclaimed playwright David Harrower (BLACKBIRD). The play is set in a rural time many centuries ago. The world is simple: the Young Woman and the ploughman Pony William are a newly married couple who live in a cottage at the end of the village. The miller Gilbert Horn lives entirely outside the village.

Yet, their three way relationship is complex: the labor of the ploughman is pitted against the industrial machine of the miller, the public self of each obscures their own private natures (all three are whispered about by the villagers)–but most of all, in engaging with the other two men as more than an equal, the Young Woman experiences an awakening to the complexity of language and the power and danger of naming every single thing. 


The New York Times calls KNIVES IN HENS “a wondrous drama of the lust for language” and that the play is “about the liberation that comes in creating language that matches perception.”


We have a great cast of Virginia Blanco, Tony Ortega, and Marco Aponte. The director is Robert Estes. The Brooklyn Preserve venue is spiritual and seemingly out of another time, so the perfect place for this play. 

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