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Donate to Anton’s Well!

Anton’s Well is happy to announce that we’re undertaking our first fundraising effort.

Whether you saw our debut production, Old Times by Harold Pinter in 2014, or you saw one or both of our highly praised shows in 2017, Tender Napalm and This Wide Night, or any of our other shows like Ages of the Moon, we hope that you’ll consider donating to Anton’s Well.

Please know that any donation you make will have a powerful impact for our company. We do not have high overheard (wait, we don’t have any overhead!). All of your donation will go directly to producing our plays in 2018.

We’re looking forward to presenting the emotionally powerful 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane in July.

We’re in the process of securing the performance rights to another challenging, language driven play to be presented at the Berkeley City Club in late March.

We are also considering productions in the fall and winter.

So to give you an idea of how any donation would be very helpful, just $15 would buy all the ale we needed for This Wide Night. Just $50 would buy all the lighting material to create the beautiful moon for Ages of the Moon. Just $100 would pay for the rights for one performance for either of those plays. Just $500, well, we can’t say “just $500,” because if you donated that much, we would probably break down and cry in gratitude, but we would also be able to pay one entire actor stipend.

For any donation, we will happily list your name in the program for our next show. For any donation of $25 or more, we will list your name in the program for all our plays in 2018 (which will number at least two, and we hope as many as four).

If you would like to donate, please go here:


We would like you to know that Anton’s Well Theater Company is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions to the charitable purpose of Anton’s Well Theater Company must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Great Reviews for This Wide Night

Critic Charles Kruger of Theatrestorm gives This Wide Night 5 stars, his highest rating. He says the Anton’s Well production is “nothing short of extraordinary.” He goes on to say that:

“For nearly two hours, time seems to stop as we are carried through a full range of emotions.

By the end of the evening, the catharsis achieved is remarkable. The experience was an emotional marathon.

Rarely does empathy receive a workout like this!…

This is the sort of theatre that needs to be experienced and can barely be described.

But if you care about good theatre, good writing, and good acting, you really ought to attend.”

For the full review, please see:

Review: “This Wide Night” from Anton’s Well Theater Company at Berkeley City Club (*****)

Critic Lynn Zhou of the Daily Cal says that This Wide Night “takes two ex-convicts and explores the humanity behind them in a tender and intimate portrayal of two women adjusting to their newfound freedoms and their evolving relationship with each other.”

She says “much credit goes to actresses Mary Jo Price and Miia Ashley, who deliver captivating performances that elicit the nuances in the characters.”

For her full review, please see:


Critic Ken Bullock of the Berkeley Daily Planet says ths play is a “very humane look at on offbeat relationship.”

For his full review, please see: