Auditions for Bay Area Premiere of dirty butterfly by debbie tucker green

Anton’s Well Theater Company is happy to announce the audition date for the Bay Area Premiere of debbie tucker green’s grittily poetic play, dirty butterfly, running at Berkeley’s Waterfront Theater from September 21-October 7.

Jo is being abused by her male partner. Amelia and Jason live next to Jo and respond to the abuse in different ways. Jason can’t help himself as he raptly listens through the common wall to Jo’s encounters. Amelia moves to a different part of her house to get away from hearing Jo. Through the taunt interaction of the three characters, the play elliptically and poetically explores the conflicted human response when we see another person suffer.

Amelia, late 20s-early 40s, black female, protective of Jason, frustrated that her life has been interrupted by Jo. She confronts Jo.

Jason, late 20s-early 40s, black male, insecure, can’t help himself becoming obsessed by what he hears in Jo’s home.

Jo, late 20s-early 40s, white female, being abused by her male partner. She taunts Jason at times, clashes with Amelia.

The play creates the opportunity for a great deal of character exploration for the three actors. The Guardian in London said that the play was filled with “secret whispers.”

Facility with English accents important. You don’t have to be perfect, but need the skill to work on a London Caribbean accent for Amelia and Jason, and a working class accent for Jo.

The audition will take place at the Waterfront Theater, 2020 Fourth Street, Berkeley, on Sunday, July 8, from 1-4PM. Sides will be provided in advance. Or, you may bring in a dramatic British monologue, but that is not required.

The audition will be run by appointment. Please email with your preferred time or call the director Robert Estes at (510) 368-0090. For more info on the company, please see:

There is a competitive stipend. AEA ok (BAPP).

Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, August 12. The rehearsal schedule will most likely run Mon-Thurs, 7-10PM; Sunday, 7-10PM. However, it may be possible to tailor the schedule to best fit the needs of the actors. For instance, if the three actors have morning availability, we may rehearse then sometimes rather than in the evening.

The performance schedule is September 21 to October 7, Friday-Saturdays, 8PM; Sunday TBD (either 2PM or 7PM). The Waterfront Theater is located at 2020 Fourth Street in Berkeley.