Uncompromising 4.48 Psychosis Opens on Friday, July 20!

As playwright Sarah Kane writes in the play, 4.48 Psychosis is composed of the “bewildered fragments” of her mind as she struggles to find sanity.

In one fragment, we learn that “a word on the page and there is the drama.”

Her play is simply words, phrases, monologues, and poetry on the page. There are no specific characters nor a specific location. The play has been produced with one lone female actor, with two females and one male, or with untold other variations of actors. Recently, it was produced as a full scale opera.

In our vision, we have three wonderful local actors, Anastasia Barron, Jody Christian, and Adrian Deane, who portray the fragmented, contradictory, conflicted, beautiful, ferociously imaginative world of Sarah Kane’s charged words.

Together, the three women bring startling vividness to the language of searing pain and searching humanity found in every fold of 4.48 Psychosis.

For The New York Times, the language in 4.48 Psychosis “creates the most persuasive and authentic portrait of what it means to be terminally depressed…ever encountered in a theater.”

Yet, the Times finds, in its uncompromising encounter with depression, the play is also “breathtakingly beautiful.”

We hope that our production can both feel and express the deep pain and terrible beauty of Sarah Kane’s relentless examination of her own psyche.

The creative crew for 4.48 is the same one that produced last year’s “astonishing” Tender Napalm: Director Robert Estes, Assistant Director/Producer Wm. Diedrick Razo, Choreographer Bridgette Loriaux, and Lighting Designer Nathan Bogner.

4.48 Psychosis opens on Friday, July 20. Just one week away! Tickets (only $17-$20) are now on sale at the Buy Tickets tab on this website.

The play runs Fridays and Saturdays, 8PM, Sundays 7PM from July 20 to August 5 (with one Thursday performance on August 2, 8PM) at the Temescal Arts Center, 511 48th Street, Oakland.


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In addition to 4.48 Psychosis, in September, we will present dirty butterfly by debbie tucker green, which will be the Bay Area Premiere for one of England’s most challenging contemporary playwrights.

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